Contagious BLOG


I'm a life long learner.  There really is no other description that captures my essence so well. I feel my most alive when I'm learning something new.  I love learning about all kinds of people, cultures, art, music, books, science, technology, and mind-body connections.


Life is a curious thing. I can't believe how much I

thought I knew when I was a young thing, but I feel like now I've lived a thousand life times and the world seems to be changing so rapidly.  I have experienced great highs and lows, relationships, careers, and the best of all, parenting.  Every one of the experiences has contriubted to the person I've become.


I spent many years, running from my fears....fears of not being accepted, fears of not being succussful, fears of not being loved, fears of not being enough.  But enough of running, because quite frankly, life has a way of smackin' us up side of the head and giving us one last chance to make our time here on mother earth matter.  It's a choice really, keep running or stand still, feel the earth beneath your feet and ground yourself in who you want to be. Running is exhausting, grounding is exhiliarating. Who knew?


Blogger & Website Author
I am a newbie at this world of blogging, writing, and creating an entertaining website...we'll see how many years I can hang.
Youth Librarian
I loved working as a Youth Librarian. I got to work with toddlers through teens. Planned programs, story times and developed a reading collection out of this world!!!
Arts Administrator
This is my beginning in community enrichment.  This job was more than a job, it was a training ground for life.
University of North Texas
What an opportunity!  I was able to receive a Master's in Information of Science from this bodacious institution, thanks to UNT, UNLV and the Nevada State Library & Archives.
University of California - Davis
This was a great place to attend undergraduate school and major in Wildlife Fisheries & Biology with a redirect to and degree in Art History.