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“I’m not a morning person.”

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As someone who’s spent nearly all of the waking years of my life with the deep understanding thatI’m not a morning person… let me be the first to say waking up early has always been an uphill f*cking battle. When I wake up, my eyes tend to have about 20 years of crust sealing them shut, and my voice has been witnessed going 7 octaves lower, possibly summoning demons against whomever decided that 5am is a good time to ask me questions about my day. Just ask my husband.

When I say that I’ve been this way my whole life, you can also ask my grandmother, who can attest to me sleeping the morning away as a child and having to rip the sheets off me in order to stir me from what was a near impenetrable slumber. All this, to say: I know that there are some people…

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