So much has changed since I created this blog. I still don’t have much direction for it. I just know that I enjoy creating visually appealing web pages and content. I find there are so many items I like in digital/social media that all I want to do is collect them all in one space to scroll through at my leisure without interruption from advertisers or being bombarded by unsolicited, uncontrollable content which wrecks havoc on the viewing sensibility. A space that is sort of like having a library of favorite books that allows you the ability to browse titles and pull a book off the shelf and read excerpts going in for a deeper dive. Or walking through an art exhibit savoring the visual array of colors, textures, shapes, and styles. I’m not a great writer, photographer, artist or musician, but I am a great hunter, gatherer, collector. I just need a space in which to house all my collections, and this is where a blog comes in. Even though a blog can only house a disproportionate amount of information compared to the vast amounts of digital media available globally; I hope you enjoy these myopic varied collections of selectively chosen items contained in this blog, some curated, some not. May it serve to satisfy your curiosity or better yet encourage your curiosity to grow and become contagious.

~  S P King ~

Turn towards that which enables you to grow