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As we grow old

Senator Murray Sinclair’s
poem on growing older.
There is something so precious about slowing down and being present.
Age is not wasted on the elderly.

Photo by Joel & Jasmin Førestbird on Unsplash

Mizana Gheezhik (Sen. Murray Sinclair)

As we grow old
the ground we walk on
rises up
so that,
as each of those few moments
left to us
pass by
and we grow old
and hair turns greyer still
we move a bit more slowly.
At such a speed,
we can see around us
more of life today
and feel we understand 
the present 
for we have lived
among the weeds
and trees,
from which it came.
And we have much we want
and need
to say.
But, sometimes,
no one asks

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