New Moon in Gemini – Part II

Pull for New Moon in Gemini – Part II

The intentions that I set forth before drawing my cards for the New Moon in Gemini were, to get out of my way, clear a path for a new beginning, revisit old projects, specifically this BLOG and writing, and actually complete something I thought I never would.

The query for New Moon in Gemini –

  1. What messages is the universe sending to me? – Queen of Wands
  2. How can I respond to these messages? – Queen of Cups
  3. What will I gain from this new information? VIII of Swords – reversed

Queen of cups

What do I see when I look at this card? A side profile of a female sovereign authority admiring a trophy-like item in her hands. She appears to be lost in thought. Her crown has flowers, her robe is blue and flowing and her feet rest on the ground and are not in the water. Her throne is adorned with cherubs.


The Queen of Cups rules the emotional realm. Her throne is on the ocean’s edge and the water is symbolic of the unconscious and feeling. Sitting next to the shoreline, depicts her sitting between land and sea where feeling and thought intercept. It is a cup she holds that is closed which symbolizes thoughts in the unconscious mind. Because her feet are not touching or in the water, this suggests her being an observer of her own thoughts and feelings.

My reflection

Through the Queen of Cups, the Universe is instructing me to respond with compassion, using intuition and sensitivity while connecting to my spiritual core. Trusting in my gut and allowing myself to make decisions from the heart. Responding with compassion and kindness first towards self and then others, embodying the nurturing mother energy I am gifted with naturally, that is supportive and caring. Remaining well-grounded to be to able help others without taking on their emotions.

As I continue to move through the shift that is occurring within me and adhere to the messages the Universe is sending to me to be courageous, independent, determined, confident, and BOLD (Queen of Wands), this calls for me to RESPOND with love and support for others through a lens of understanding and kindness resulting in a connection to core, spirit, and voice, from self to those I encounter along the way.

We cultivate love when we ALLOW our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known, and when we honor the spiritual CONNECTION that grows from that offering with trust, respect, kindness and affection.

Brené Brown

pull for new moon in gemini – part iii

I will cover the VIII of Swords and what I will gain from this new information in my next post.

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