Full Moon in Pisces

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird, The Beatles
White Album

Pull for the Full Moon in Pisces

With the cooling temperatures of the September full moon, the feel of fall is definitely in the air. It is a welcome relief from the heat which seems to infuse the fatigue that accompanies long summer afternoons. With the cycles of the seasons, it makes sense that as the fall approaches we gain a new intensity and enthusiasm to get things done in preparation for the long cold winter ahead. The intentions that I held before drawing my cards were to inquire about what my needs are and what I need to prepare for as I move forward.


Query Questions:

  1. What are my spiritual needs for this full moon?
  2. What am I being guided to hold and care for on behalf of the Universe?
  3. What energy is transforming me?
  4. What am I preparing for in my next phase?

Responses to the Query:

  1. Page of Wands
  2. Death
  3. Eight of Pentacles
  4. King of Cups

What are my spiritual needs for this full moon?

Drawing the Page of Wands denotes inspiration, discovering new ideas, and harvesting potential. An enthusiastic beginner, willing to try any and everything. A dreamer excited to gain wisdom and experience the adventure of it. But all the while taming the enthusiasm being sure to take time and examine those ideas, grounding them in reality before taking action.

What am I being guided to hold and care for on behalf of the universe?

The Death card is there to speak to transition, change ending, and TRANSFORMATION. Something significant is coming to an end to make space for a new beginning. Let go and EMBRACE this space to allow for the changes ahead. MOVE ON and LOOK FORWARD to what the future is offering.

What energy is transforming me?

The energy that is transforming me is PRACTICE, according to the Eight of Pentacles. Practice includes skill development, APPRENTICESHIP, and repetitive tasks. It lets me know that I need to KEEP DOING WHAT I’M DOING, as it will eventually result in success.

What am I preparing for in my next phase?

With the King of Cups appearing my preparation will include cultivating and nurturing connection, sincerity, and compassion. By being charismatic, allow those who are drawn to me to get to know me and see me as I am. To be in tune with my emotions as well as loving and sincere, and look out compassionately for everyone. Maintaining a sense of stability, and handling events thoughtfully and calmly.

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