Monday, Monday

Photo by Takeshi

card for the week of march 7-13, 2022

This week’s card is the III of Pentacles. I am not sure of the intention of this card for this week. I see the stonework and the archway and think of gothic architecture. The 3 individuals appear to be deep in discussion and planning of some kind.

images in the iii of pentacles

  • The scene is a monestary/cathedral type building
  • Young apprentice (standing on the bench)
  • A priest and a nobleman (on the right)
  • The III pentacles are in the archway forming a triangle
  • A rose is below the III pentacles

iii of pentacles meanings

Collaboration, teamwork, learning

My process

Each Monday, I pull a card for the week. I refer back to this card during my daily readings to see how it interplays with them. Each day offers great insight into the card for the week as events unfold.

my reflection

The figures in the picture look like they are having a meeting of the minds. They appear to be discussing what needs to be done to get the job completed. Working together for a common goal. It brings to mind, that no person is an island and together collaborations can bring about great accomplishments. Let people in, let them bring their gifts and expertise, and don’t try to go it alone. Great things can happen when people come together for a common goal.

In the Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane, she describes the crows as ‘crafty’ working together to build a structure that enables them to reach the cherries. Crows are so smart and so different. Each one is unique and they have their own individual gifts. MJ’s interpretation of the III of Pentacles is that it encourages one to continue developing new skills needed for working with a group on a common goal. It is a card of harmonious teamwork.

I also am drawn to the triangle shape formed by the 3 Pentacles in both the Rider Waite Smith deck and the Crow Tarot.

Triangles are the strongest shape there is. Any weight placed on them is evenly distributed on all 3 sides. They represent geometric sturdiness; no matter how much weight you put on any side, it will not break.

Karen Lamont


    • Thanks for commenting. I’m learning so much about the Tarot, that I can’t help but share some of what I learned along the way. Hope you come back again!


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