Tarot Tuesday

pull for march 08, 2022 – iv of swords

The IV of Swords was part of my 3 card pull for today and I find the image so striking I wanted to spotlight it for my card of the day post. I remember the first time I saw this card and it was after I had some health issues and was in recovery mode. The battle that I had ensued before was still very raw and this card depicts fatigue so well, I felt it truly captured the sheer exhaustion of the battle I had been through.

images in the iv of swords

  • A church like setting
  • Stained glass windows, with a mother and child
  • A man lying upon a tomb with hands in a prayer like fashion
  • There are three swords above him and one sword beneath him.

IV of Swords meanings

Recovery, reward, preparation, retreat, contemplation

My process

Today I did the 3-card pull and my 3-prong inquiry was:

  • Embrace
  • Accept
  • Let Go

Pull Revealed –

Embrace = VII of Cups (reversed)
Accept = IV of Swords
Let Go = Queen of Swords (reversed)

my reflection

I understand this card better than I care to admit. Weary and battle worn, the IV of Swords is reminding me to take time to heal, to provide self-care and to rest. It is a reminder to me to conserve my energy and to choose to slow down before my body shuts down.


In the Crow Tarot deck by MJ Cullinane, the IV of Swords even looks more dramatic with the crow on its back with feet extended up. The window encases an adult crow and a smaller crow reminiscent of the Rider-Waite Tarot’s mother and child.

According to MJ, she notes that the crow appears to be dead but he is in a place of complete inner calm to refortify his mind and body.

“When you rest, you catch your breath and it holds you up, like water wings…” — Anne Lamott

Healing Brave

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