Tarot for Real Life

Jack Chanek

There are terrible things in the news today. Writing this post, I don’t want to dismiss the weight of the Supreme Court’s actions or the real and terrible consequences the overturning of Roe v Wade will have for people across the country. But I also desperately need to think and talk about something else, or I will go mad with grief. So let’s talk about my book.

Tarot for Real Life releases officially this coming Sunday, May 8th, but it has already started to ship to people who pre-ordered. On Amazon right now, you can order a copy with one-day delivery. A couple of my friends and family members have shared pictures of their copies with me, and the book is for all intents and purposes already out there in the world. People are reading it as I type.

Heavy breathing.

Putting a book into the world is a stressful…

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